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MET News

23ú Eanáir 2020

Recent Atmospheric Air Pressure Changes in Ireland

Land & Marine, Weather & Climate of Irelan... léigh níos mó

17ú Eanáir 2020

WMO Confirms 2019 As Second Hottest Year On Record

Global mean temperature difference from 1850 &#821... léigh níos mó

12ú Eanáir 2020

Storm Brendan - Meteorologist's Commentary

The Meteorologist Commentary was updated on 12th J... léigh níos mó

07ú Eanáir 2020

2020 AGMET Conference- Deadline Extended to 27th January

The 2020 AGMET Conference will be run jointly ... léigh níos mó

06ú Eanáir 2020

Long Series Record Climate of Ireland

Provisional Long Series Temperature Statement for ... léigh níos mó

06ú Eanáir 2020

Climate Statement for 2019

Above average rainfall, Temperatures slightly abov... léigh níos mó

31ú Nollaig 2020

Met Éireann’s Work On Climate Change

In this series of three short videos, we outline M... léigh níos mó

23ú Nollaig 2019

Met Éireann on the MathsCast Podcast

In the fourth of a special series of podcasts for ... léigh níos mó

19ú Nollaig 2019

New Met Éireann Podcast Out Now - White Christmas

In the Christmas edition of the Met Éireann Podca... léigh níos mó

09ú Nollaig 2019

Phenomenal seas recorded off the coast of Ireland during Storm Atiyah

Storm Atiyah, which affected Ireland on Sunday 8th... léigh níos mó

03ú Nollaig 2019

Climate Statement for November and Autumn 2019

November: Cool everywhere, very wet and dull in th... léigh níos mó

20ú Samhain 2019

New Podcast Available - Behind the scenes during a major weather event

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes in Met ... léigh níos mó

11ú Samhain 2019

Met Éireann’s work on Climate Change

In this series of three short videos, we outline M... léigh níos mó

08ú Samhain 2019

Science Week 2019

Next week is Science Week in Ireland. To mark thi... léigh níos mó

07ú Samhain 2019

2019-2020 Be Winter-Ready Campaign Launch

Government launches Be Winter Ready Information Ca... léigh níos mó

04ú Samhain 2019

Climate Statement for October 2019

Cool and sunny , wet in the South The first week o... léigh níos mó

30ú Deireadh Fómhair 2019

WMO Press Release- High Mountain Summit

High Mountain Summit Seeks to Boost Climate and Di... léigh níos mó

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