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23ú Feabhra 2024

Distribution of driving rain in Ireland

The climate of Ireland is changing. Consequently, ... léigh níos mó

02a Feabhra 2024

Climate Statement for January 2024

Cold, dry and sunny with two named storms January ... léigh níos mó

29ú Eanáir 2024

Why are we seeing so many storms this season?

January 2024 has been a busy month for storm event... léigh níos mó

16ú Eanáir 2024

Oisín Jackson wins Met Éireann Award at BTYSTE

Oisín Jackson from Mary Immaculate Secondary Scho... léigh níos mó

08ú Eanáir 2024

Prof Ray Bates (1940-2024)

Met Éireann honours the life and achievements of ... léigh níos mó

03ú Eanáir 2024

Annual Climate Statement for 2023

Warmest year on record by a large margin, above av... léigh níos mó

03ú Eanáir 2024

Climate Statement for December 2023

Very mild, wet and stormy December 2023 was domina... léigh níos mó

27ú Nollaig 2023

Provisional State of the Irish Climate Report 2023

Met Éireann data shows 2023 is the warmest year o... léigh níos mó

18ú Nollaig 2023

Maureen Sweeney (1923-2023)

An Irish woman whose weather observations at Black... léigh níos mó

14ú Nollaig 2023

Met Éireann Weather and Climate Research Professorship

Met Éireann and University College Dublin launch ... léigh níos mó

09ú Nollaig 2023

Early Warnings for All: Protecting Everyone from Extreme Weather

‘Early Warnings for all’ image credit: WMO Ear... léigh níos mó

07ú Nollaig 2023

We're hiring Senior Met. Officers - Management and Technical Support

Met Éireann is recruiting Senior Meteorological O... léigh níos mó

05ú Nollaig 2023

2011-2020 the warmest decade on record globally and for Ireland

Published on Tuesday 5 December 2023 The WMO today... léigh níos mó

04ú Nollaig 2023

Climate Statement for Autumn and November 2023

Autumn 2023 (September, October, November) Warm an... léigh níos mó

30ú Samhain 2023

WMO Provisional State of the Global Climate 2023

2023 shatters climate records, with major impacts ... léigh níos mó

29ú Samhain 2023

Provisional State of the Irish Climate 2023 (so far):

2023 is on track to be the warmest and one of the ... léigh níos mó

28ú Samhain 2023

Tá Taighdeoir Iardhochtúireachta á fhostú againn

Postdoctoral Researcher in Met Éireann Met Éirea... léigh níos mó

28ú Samhain 2023

The Met Éireann Podcast awarded ‘Best Climate Podcast 2023’

Met Éireann received the award at the annual Iris... léigh níos mó