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MET News

15 November 2018

Met Éireann host HIRLAM System Core Working Week

Met Éireann is hosting a meeting of the HIRLAM Sy... léigh níos mó

13 November 2018

Met Éireann hosts EU project INDECIS’ 2nd General Assembly

  Met Éireann is delighted to host EU projec... léigh níos mó

09 November 2018

Science Week 2018- New videos added daily!

This week is science week in Ireland. To mark this... léigh níos mó

07 November 2018

2018-2019 Be Winter Ready Information Campaign Launched Today

  Government launched Be Winter Ready Informa... léigh níos mó

31 October 2018

Why Ice Matters

Kennicott Glacier, in the Wrangell-St. Elias Mount... léigh níos mó

30 October 2018

Science Apprentice Books for Primary School Children

What kinds of superpowers do our bodies naturally ... léigh níos mó

25 October 2018

What are Mode-S data and why are they used in meteorology?

Schematic of data communication between air traffi... léigh níos mó

19 October 2018

Recruitment: Postdoctoral Fellowships in Met Éireann

The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Gove... léigh níos mó

17 October 2018

Launch of Ireland's high resolution ensemble-based forecasting system

What is an Ensemble Prediction System? Weather for... léigh níos mó

16 October 2018

Ophelia Report

Today is the one-year anniversary of Storm Ophelia... léigh níos mó

08 October 2018

Latest report on Global Warming released

The most up to date report on Global Warming has b... léigh níos mó

05 October 2018

WMO receives LUI Che Woo Prize for protecting public safety

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has re... léigh níos mó

05 October 2018

Past Weather Statements Available on our website

Our Past Weather Statement section has been update... léigh níos mó

25 September 2018

M6 Buoy Suspended- Update 05/10/2018

25th September 2018 11:00 The M6 Buoy has broken i... léigh níos mó

19 September 2018

What is data rescue and why is Met Éireann involved in it?

Data rescue is the process whereby original data r... léigh níos mó

13 September 2018

Summer heatwaves made twice as likely by climate change

There was an article by Met Éireann in the Irish ... léigh níos mó

12 September 2018

Storm Names 2018-19 Announced

12/09/2018 00:01 Storm names for 2018-19 announced... léigh níos mó

10 September 2018

Cooperation is a must for adaptation to and mitigation of climate change

Link to article below by the Swedish Meteorologica... léigh níos mó

08 September 2018

Storm names and our storm mural

Met Éireann and the UK Met Office have collaborat... léigh níos mó

04 September 2018

2018- A summer of Heat Waves and Droughts

Tuesday 04 September 2018 The weather included thu... léigh níos mó

24 August 2018

Tornadoes: An Irish Perspective

We often receive e-mails or messages from members ... léigh níos mó

03 August 2018

State of the Climate 2017

An international, peer-reviewed publication releas... léigh níos mó

01 August 2018

Warm and dry weather of June and July 2018

Updated 1st August. Summary June 2018 There were ... léigh níos mó

27 July 2018

July sees extreme weather with high impacts

Extreme weather, including record temperatures and... léigh níos mó

23 July 2018

Report on the Recent Warm Weather

– Updated 18th July 2018. A preliminary repo... léigh níos mó

11 July 2018

WMO report: July sees extreme precipitation and heat

Diamond Hill – Anca Turcu High impact weathe... léigh níos mó

04 July 2018

Ensemble Prediction Systems: Representing Chaos in the Atmosphere

Numerical weather prediction (or NWP), the process... léigh níos mó

27 June 2018

Fire Danger Notice - 'Condition Red'

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine... léigh níos mó

22 June 2018

Weather Forecast Outlook & Water Safety Advice

Friday 22nd June 2018: This spell of dry, warm wea... léigh níos mó

18 May 2018

First MÉRA Reanalysis Workshop - presentation slides available

Over the past few years researchers at Met Éirean... léigh níos mó

14 May 2018

IMS Annual Field Trip 2018

The Irish Meteorological Society (IMS) in conjunct... léigh níos mó

10 May 2018

Global and Irish Climate Modelling

The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IP... léigh níos mó

01 May 2018

Climate change and its role in extreme weather events in Europe

Extreme weather events occur across the majority o... léigh níos mó

27 April 2018

The Wind that Shakes the Island: an Irish perspective on Windstorms and Hurricanes

  The Irish Meteorological Society (IMS) in c... léigh níos mó

23 April 2018

Met Éireann Launch of New Website- and Apps on 18th April

  18/04/2018 Minister Eoghan Murphy launches... léigh níos mó

21 March 2018

Event - 13th of April: "The Wind that Shakes the Island"

The Irish Meteorological Society is pleased to ann... léigh níos mó

15 March 2018

New Buoy Records

Buoy Records Broken The M6 buoy recorded a record ... léigh níos mó

14 March 2018

Valentia Observatory awarded WMO Centennial Observing Station status

Valentia Observatory was recently recognised as a ... léigh níos mó

16 January 2018

Weather summary for December 2017

December 2017 Unsettled, mild at times, but colder... léigh níos mó

18 October 2017

Met Éireann Warning System Explained

The issue of Weather Warnings is perhaps the most ... léigh níos mó

07 September 2017

Met Éireann conference: Future Weather, Future Challenges

Full registration details and programme coming so... léigh níos mó

07 September 2017

Storm names for 2017-18 announced

The first storm of the year will be female and wil... léigh níos mó

24 August 2017

Very Hot Weather Now in Southeast Europe

A cold front extending from the middle of France u... léigh níos mó

24 August 2017

Recruitment: Post-doctoral Fellowship in Met Éireann.

The Department of Housing, Planning, and Local Gov... léigh níos mó

24 August 2017

Public lecture: "A half-century of weather forecasting in Ireland" by Gerald Fleming

The Inaugural Tom Keane Lecture will be given by G... léigh níos mó

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