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MET News

24ú Meitheamh 2020

Reported new record temperature of 38°C north of Arctic Circle

The World Meteorological Organization is seeking t... léigh níos mó

23ú Meitheamh 2020

Summer 2018 Analysis

An Analysis of the heatwaves and droughts that aff... léigh níos mó

04ú Meitheamh 2020

Martin Sweeney R.I.P. - Met Éireann Voluntary Weather Observer for over 50 years

Martin Sweeney of Straide, Co. Mayo On the 19th Ma... léigh níos mó

22ú Bealtaine 2020

Upgrade to Met Éireann’s Weather Forecast System April/May 2020

By Dr Rónán Darcy & Dr Noel Fitzpatrick, Res... léigh níos mó

05ú Bealtaine 2020

Met Éireann’s Climate Research Funding Opportunity

UPDATE Thank you for your interest in Met Éireann... léigh níos mó

01d Bealtaine 2020

New Met Éireann Podcast Out Now - Antarctica!

Episode 10: Antarctica – Weather and Surviva... léigh níos mó

23ú Aibreán 2020

State of Climate 2019

European State of the Climate 2019 The European St... léigh níos mó

22ú Aibreán 2020



13ú Aibreán 2020

Pollen Forecast and Solar UV Index Begins Today

Today Met Éireann has begun the Pollen Forecast a... léigh níos mó

10ú Aibreán 2020

Thanks to our Volunteer Weather Observers

At this difficult time for all of us, many of our ... léigh níos mó

03ú Aibreán 2020

Climatological Droughts And Dry Spells 2020

Full report <<here>> ... léigh níos mó

02a Aibreán 2020

Climate Statement for March 2020

Cool and sunny, dry in the East Storm Jorge, broug... léigh níos mó

30ú Márta 2020

Provisional Report on New Atmospheric Pressure Records for Land and Sea

Mean sea level pressure on Sunday 29 March 2020 on... léigh níos mó

27ú Márta 2020

New Met Éireann Podcast Out Now - Storm Chasing!

Labhair Ferdia McCrann clár RTERnaG ‘Iris A... léigh níos mó

24ú Márta 2020

Visit WOW-IE : Met Éireann's Weather Observations Website

Visit WOW-IE is the new Weather Observa... léigh níos mó

23ú Márta 2020

World Met Day 23rd March

This year it focuses on Climate and Water World M... léigh níos mó

09ú Márta 2020

Seachtain Na Gaeilge 2020

Fáilte chuig Seachtain na Gaeilge uaidh an foirea... léigh níos mó

03ú Márta 2020

Climate Statement for February and Winter 2020

February 2020: Very wet and windy. February 2020 w... léigh níos mó

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