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Forecast Issued: 20-05-2022

Pollen Type: Tree

Region Saturday Sunday Monday
21-05-2022 22-05-2022 23-05-2022
Leinster L L L
Munster L L L
Connacht L L L
Ulster L L L

L = Low
M = Moderate
H = High
VH = Very high
N/A = Not available

General Comments:

The pollen risk will remain low for a while but the main grass pollen season is on its way and hay fever sufferers are advised to start preparing. Fungal spores: low to moderate risk, highest for a while after rainfall (Leptosphaeria type).

Tree Comments:

Tree pollen is now in decline, with mainly low amounts of oak pollen airborne.

Grass Comments:

Grass pollen is on the increase, heading for the main season, starting in late May. There are now a few early-flowering grass types airborne, triggering some symptoms in a minority of hay fever sufferers on warm, sunny days.

Weed Comments:

Weed pollen now includes low to moderate amounts of plantain, while nettle pollen is just starting and will increase to the main season in late May.

Spore Comments:

Fungal spores mainly low, except for Leptosphaeria, which will increase for a time after rainfall and affect a minority of sufferers.

Tosóidh réamhaisnéisí phailin Samhraidh 2019.

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