Weather and Climate Research Programme

Science Serving Society

At the end of 2017, Met Éireann launched its 10-year strategy “Making Ireland Weather and Climate Prepared”. Within the strategy, the following six strategic goals are identified:

  • Enhance support for impact-based decision making for weather events;
  • Provide climate information services which promote the safety of citizens and supports economic and environmental resilience;
  • Deliver a high quality national flood forecasting service;
  • Continue to provide an effective authoritative voice on meteorology in Ireland;
  • Maintain and support an expert, professional workforce;
  • Lead a modern, integrated meteorological infrastructure and support an enterprise environment for weather and climate services.

Research funding, a key component of Met Éireann’s 10-year strategy, is driven by the Programme for Government commitments, including investments required to support a research programme focused around addressing the societal challenges of climate change and extreme weather in a warming world.

Met Éireann’s Weather and Climate Research Programme underpins the expertise and knowledge needed to enable the delivery and continuous improvement of national predictive capability in the areas of weather, climate and hydrology and to ensure that, particularly in the climate context, research outputs provide the evidence and tools necessary to inform government policy and action.

Met Éireann’s Weather and Climate Research Programme’s mission is to contribute to the development of national capacity and to address key scientific questions in response to the challenges and opportunities facing Ireland from an extreme weather and changing climate’s perspective.

Met Éireann welcomes research in the spirit of diversity, inclusivity, cooperation, co-creation, collaboration, open data and multidisciplinarity.