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Easnaimh Thaise na hIthreach

Forecast issued at: Saturday 16th January 2021 16:00


Rainfall in the last 7 days has varied from north to south, with rainfall totals below average for the southern half of the country, while some areas in the northern and east of the country experienced 150% to 200% of normal rainfall for this time of year. Belmullet received the highest rainfall accumulation of 53mm, but it was the east that experienced the highest rainfall as a percentage of average. With very unsettled conditions forecast for the next 7 days, rainfall accumulations of 20 to 40mm are predicted with the east again experience well above average rainfall for this time of year.


Mean air temperatures in the past week have been normal or slightly below for most of the country, but around a degree above normal in Connacht. Mean air temperatures have ranged between 4 and 7 degrees this past week. Mean soil temperatures have varied across the country, but have generally been average or slightly below, with the north west recording slightly above average soil temperatures. Mean air temperatures are expected to be a degree or two below average for the coming week as a cold polar airmass moves over the country from midweek, with average air tempertures generally of 2 to 4 degrees. A risk of sharper frosts at night increases from midweek, as a cold northerly airflow becomes established.


Sunshine totals the past week have been below for most of the country, with Malin Head recording just 2.6 hours of sunshine the past 7 days, 27% its average. Southern coasts fared better with slightly above average sunshine totals recorded there. With an unsettled outlook for the next 7 days, sunshine totals will vary day to day, but will likely be average in total across the week.

Drying Conditions

On Sunday, drying conditions will be poor in parts of Ulster due to rain. Further south, Sunday offers some drying opportunities however increased cloud cover and lighter breezes will hinder conditions. There will be limited opportunities for drying on Monday, with no opportunities on Tuesday.


There will be some opportunities for spraying on Sunday in southern areas where it will be dry with light winds. Wet conditions early next week will offer little spraying opportunities.

Field Conditions

Soils are currently saturated across the country, with poorly drained soils waterlogged. There will be little change in field conditions in the coming week as unsettled conditions keep soils either saturated or waterlogged. Poor field trafficability can be expected, with a risk of localised flooding at times, especially on Tuesday.

Agricultural Data Graphs

Soil Moisture Deficits

Déantar Easnaimh Thaise na hIthreach (SMD) (mm) a ríomh le haghaidh trí chineál ithreach: draenáilte go maith, draenáilte go measartha agus gan mórán draenála déanta uirthi. Le haghaidh tuilleadh eolais maidir leis an gcaoi a ríomhtar Easnaimh Thaise na hIthreach, cliceáil anseo.

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