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Easnaimh Thaise na hIthreach

Forecast issued at: Sunday 19th January 2020 12:00


The past 7 days has been wetter than average in many areas, and wettest in the southeast. It was a drier week in the northeast, north midlands and parts of the northwest. Dublin Airport recorded 9.4 mm of rainfall this week, 66% of its average. Valentia Observatory in Cahirsiveen recorded most rainfall, with 51.1 mm of rain recorded, 131% of its average. Johnstown Castle in Co. Wexford recorded 42.4 mm of rain, 182% of average for that station. A much drier week ahead is forecast, due to the high pressure dominating our weather. Rainfall amounts well below average are forecasted everywhere. Most areas have between 10 and 25% of average rainfall accumulations in the forecast. Parts of the northwest have between 25% and 50% of average rainfall forecasted. Dublin areas have a forecast for very low rainfall, around 2% or 3% of average rainfall for the time of year.


On average for the past week, temperatures have been lower than normal for the time of year at most weather stations. Mean air temperatures over the past 7 days were between 0 and -0.8 degrees below normal. The week ahead is expected to be around average or above for most of the country. The northern half of the country has forecasts of between 1 and 3 degrees above average for the time of year, whilst the southern is expected to have average temperatures. Soil temperatures have mainly been between 0.2 and 1.3 degrees above normal over the past week, but some coastal stations around the country have recorded temperatures very slightly below average. Soil temperatures may increase slightly in the coming week.


Sunshine amounts have been well above average this week around the country. Cork Airport had the highest total with 26.1 hours, which is 208% of its average. Malin Head recorded the lowest sunshine total this week, 10.3 hours or 118% of its average. Settled for most of the week, but cloud amounts will increase compared to the weekend, so sunshine amounts this week may be around or slightly above average for most of the country.

Drying Conditions

Drying conditions are good for the coming week with very little rain and light winds in the forecast. Temperatures are due to increase slightly this week.


There may be opportunities for spraying this week with settled conditions and generally light winds.

Field Conditions

Most soils are currently saturated or waterlogged. Conditions are set to improve this week with mainly dry, settled weather with some spells of light rain.

Agricultural Data Graphs

Soil Moisture Deficits

Déantar Easnaimh Thaise na hIthreach (SMD) a ríomh le haghaidh trí chineál ithreach: draenáilte go maith, draenáilte go measartha agus gan mórán draenála déanta uirthi. Le haghaidh tuilleadh eolais maidir leis an gcaoi a ríomhtar Easnaimh Thaise na hIthreach, cliceáil anseo.

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