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Latest Farming Commentary

Forecast issued at: Friday 25th May 2018 14:00


Over the past week, west Munster, Connacht and much of west Ulster had above average rainfall, with between 105 and 200% of long term average. But we had drier conditions further east with values generally between 10 and 60 % of normal in Leinster and east Munster and east Ulster. Overall rainfall is expected to be well below normal in the week ahead but there is a risk of some heavy thundery showers at times, which could yield significant amounts locally.


Mean air temperatures were close to normal or just above in most areas over the past week. Soils temperatures were above long term average with temperatures generally between 1.5 and 3.0 degrees above average. The week ahead is expected to be warm. Mean air temperatures expected to be 3 or 4 degrees Celsius above average in most places, however temperatures only about 1 or 2 degrees Celsius above average along coasts.


Sunshine values were above average over the past week with between 102 and 130% of the long-term average. The sunniest conditions were recorded in the southeast with close to 110 hours of sunshine recorded here over the past 7 days. Sunshine totals are expected to be above normal for the coming week.

Drying Conditions

Good drying conditions are expected outside of any showery episodes.


Spraying conditions will be mostly good as breezes will be mostly light. Conditions will be somewhat poorer at times due to showery periods. There's a risk of conditions conducive to spread of potato during any showery periods.

Field Conditions

Field conditions and trafficability have been good in the main recently. All soils are trafficable bar some poorly drained soils in the west. Not much change expected overall in the coming days but localised thundery downpours from Saturday could have an effect on conditions locally.

Agricultural Data Graphs

Soil Moisture Deficits

Soil Moisture Deficits (SMDs) are calculated for three classes of soil: well drained, moderately drained and poorly drained. For further information on how Soil Moisture Deficits are calculated, click here.

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