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Latest Farming Commentary

Forecast issued at: Thursday 14th November 2019 16:00


The past week had very varied rainfall distribution. Over three times normal rainfall over eastern counties, whilst the western half of the country had closer to average. It should be noted, the entire country has been very wet over recent weeks as a whole. The predictive rainfall distribution for the next week also shows a variation from less than half the average over much of Ulster to above the norm in the southern half of the country and to more than twice above in the south.


The past week has been notably colder than normal, with air temperatures of 2 to 3 degrees below average for the time of year. Corresponding soil temperatures have been 1 to 2 degrees below. The coming week is also expected to be 1 to 2 degrees below average.


It has been sunnier than normal, with some southern counties getting nearly twice the norm. The coming week is likely to have near normal sunshine for the month of November.

Drying Conditions

No significant or lengthy drying is expected, except for eastern counties during Sunday and Monday when the weather at least will be dry.


Like dry, spraying opportunities will be limited – mainly to the early part of the week.

Field Conditions

All soils are saturated with much of the midlands and east waterlogged. Little change is expected in the near future.

Further Comments

Staying colder than normal with recurring night frosts. Wet in the south. Little or no grass growth.

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Soil Moisture Deficits

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