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Latest Farming Commentary

Forecast issued at: Sunday 05th July 2020 17:00


Rainfall amounts have been well above average across the northern half of the country over the past seven days, with Ulster and north Connacht receiving 2 or 3 times the normal amounts for this time of year (around 40 to 60mm). In contrast, it was drier than average, to just above average over much of Munster and south Leinster (around 10 to 20mm recorded). The coming week will see regional contrasts in rainfall, with above average rainfall expected in the west and north (around 15 to 30mm) but below normal rainfall expected further east and south (between 5 and 15mm).


Mean air temperatures have been generally around 1 degree below normal over the past week. (12 to 13 degrees in the north and west, 14 degrees in the south and east.) Temperatures for the coming week are expected to trend 1 to 2 degrees below average in most areas. Soil temperatures were normal in most areas for the past seven days. Generally 15 to 16 degrees.


It has been a very dull week with very little sunshine recorded, just 2 hours of sunshine was recorded in Belmullet, County Mayo, which is 6% of normal. 25 hours was recorded at Cork Airport, which is 64% of normal. The week ahead promises to be a little brighter with some fresher polar maritime air moving in at times, as a result, sunshine totals are expected to be close to average over the coming week. We will see some sunshine on all days bar Tuesday.

Drying Conditions

Drying conditions will be around normal during the coming week. Today (Sunday) will have some drying for southern areas that escape the showers, as there is a brisk wind. Monday probably the best day for drying, generally dry countrywide with a moderate NW breeze. Not good Tuesday or most of Wednesday with rain. Then drying conditions improving later in the week and for next weekend as our weather is mostly dry, but winds will only be moderate or light as high pressure establishes itself over Ireland.


Not good today with a stiff westerly breeze and sharp showers. Mostly dry Monday but a little breezy for spraying in western counties. Midland and eastern counties should be ok. Wet on Tuesday, damp Wednesday. Better days for spraying from Thursday through to next Sunday.

Field Conditions

Soil moisture deficits remain high over much of the southern half of the country, 20 to 60mm, most extreme in the southeast. Deficits are lower elsewhere, and soils are in single digits locally in northern and western parts following some very heavy falls of rain in the past week, leading to saturated soils in some parts. Further rain is forecast for Tuesday, so deficits will reduce in the southwest and west by midweek, however soil moisture deficits will remain quite high in south Leinster. By this day next week, we would expect SMD of 10mm in the NW to 60mm in the SE (for moderately drained soils).

Agricultural Data Graphs

Soil Moisture Deficits

Soil Moisture Deficits (SMDs) in (mm) are calculated for three classes of soil: well drained, moderately drained and poorly drained. For further information on how Soil Moisture Deficits are calculated, click here.

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