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Latest Farming Commentary

Forecast issued at: Thursday 18th July 2019 13:00


Warning issued at: Thursday 18 July 2019 13:00
Weather conditions conducive to the spread of potato blight expected along Atlantic coastal counties Friday and this weekend.


Rainfall totals were above normal in parts of north Ulster. Elsewhere rainfall totals were below normal with the driest conditions recorded in south Leinster. It is expected to be wetter than average in all regions in the next week, with large rainfall totals possible in the west and north. Parts of the southwest and west could see rainfall amounts in excess of 50mm over the 7 day period compared to just 10-20mm expected in the east.


Mean air temperatures during the past week were around 1 degree Celsius above normal. Air temperatures in the coming week are expected to stay above normal by around 2-3 degrees Celsius. Soil temperatures are running 2 to 3 degrees above normal.


Northern counties were slightly duller than average this past week but it was sunnier than average in the south. Sunshine totals are expected to be below normal over the next 7 days due to the unsettled weather regime.

Drying Conditions

Fairly poor drying conditions for mid-Summer in the coming week, the best drying likely on Saturday.


There will be opportunities for spraying on Saturday. Thereafter opportunities will be limited due to the blustery and often wet weather.

Field Conditions

Soil moisture deficits are generally high over the southern half of the country, between 55 and 70mm, which is restricting growth somewhat. These deficits will reduce by at least 20 mm, locally more, over the coming seven day period.

Further Comments

Weather conditions conducive to the spread of potato blight expected in Atlantic coastal counties Friday and this weekend.

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