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Forecast issued at: Monday 30th January 2023 15:00


It has been dry for the time of year for the past week with less than 5mm of rainfall recorded in most places. Parts of the west and northwest had slightly more rainfall with 5 to 10mm recorded here in the past seven days, locally closer to 15mm. Most areas had 10 to 20% the average rainfall. It will remain quite dry in the south and east this week with less than 5mm expected. Around 10 to 15 mm is likely elsewhere, highest in the northwest where up to 30mm is possible. Parts of the west and northwest will receive close to average rainfall, most places will have less than half the normal rainfall.


Mean air temperatures over the past week ranged between 6 to 8 degrees, coolest in the east. It has been milder than normal for late January by 1 or 2 degrees over the northern half of the country. This coming week will be milder than normal across all areas by 2 or 3 degrees. Mean air temperatures will range between 7 to 10 degrees, highest in the southwest. No hard frosts will occur. Mean soil temperatures currently range 6 to 8 degrees, around 2 or 3 degrees higher than average. They will remain at similar values over the coming week, or slightly rise.


Sunshine amounts have varied greatly upon location over the past week. Coastal counties of the west, north and east had average levels of sunshine. Over 15 hours of sunshine were recorded in Dublin Airport, and over 6 hours recorded in north Donegal. Stations in the southern half of the country recorded less than average sunshine. Shannon Airport recorded just over 3 hours, around a quarter of the average. Sunshine hours will be average or a somewhat above average in the east this coming week. It will be dullest in the west and north with below average sunshine likely there.

Drying Conditions

There will be good to moderate drying over the southern half of the country on Tuesday with breezy weather in a dry airmass and sunny spells, although there is the chance of a stray shower. Wednesday will be rather cloudy with more widespread showers, with moderate drying at best in the east which will escape most showers. Drying will be mostly moderate on Thursday and Friday, inhibited at times by cloud cover and occasional drizzle.


It will be too breezy on Tuesday and Wednesday for spraying. There will be opportunities for spraying Thursday and Friday with dry weather and patchy drizzle, although it may be still be too breezy at times with moderate winds, especially in the west and north.

Field Conditions

Soils are near saturated nationwide, with poorly drained soils waterlogged. Soil conditions will worsen in the northwest during the week. Eastern areas will likely see a small improvement in conditions.

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Soil Moisture Deficits

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