Satellite Images of Ireland

EUMETSAT METEOSAT Satellite image of Ex-Hurricane Ophelia, making landfall in the southwest of Ireland on Mon 16 Oct 2017 10:30 UTC
Copyright 2017 EUMETSAT

Clear skies over Europe 6th June 2013 – EUMETSAT METOP-B 09:55 UTC
Copyright 2013 EUMETSAT

Atlantic Low brings Rain to Western Europe
Low pressure system brings more rain (blue colour) to Ireland and Western Europe. 7th February 2014 Image from Meteosat-10, 09:45 YTC
Copyright 2014 EUMETSAT

Atlantic Low Pressure system approaching Western Europe
Seen by EUMETSAT’s METOP-B satellite 11:46 UTC 7th February 2014
Copyright 2014 EUMETSAT

Clear skies over Europe: taken by EUMETSAT’s METEOSAT-10 geostationary satellite at 08:00 UTC 10th March 2014
Copyright 2014 EUMETSAT

European Storm Barney: 06:00 UTC Tuesday 17th November 2015
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Saint Patrick’s Day 2015 captured by the AVHRR instrument onboard EUMETSAT’s Metop-B polar orbiting satellite. Snow is visible on the Alps and other mountainous areas.
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