Research Call 2020 (Closed)

TRANSLATE Climate Services Research Call

TRANSLATE is a competitive research call for applications open to all Irish Higher Education Institutions who will lead a team including partners from the international climate services community. It is aimed at standardising national climate projections for Ireland and developing climate services to meet the Irish adaptation sector’s climate information requirements. The research call’s objectives are:

  1. To standardise climate projections for Ireland;
  2. To document & prioritise sector specific climate service requirements;
  3. To develop sector specific climate services;
  4. To develop climate service communication strategy and material.



Climate services are scientifically based information and products that enhance users’ knowledge and understanding about the impacts of climate on their decisions and actions. These services are made most effective through collaboration between providers and users.

MET ÉIREANN, along with its partners, have been helping to develop climate projections for Ireland for some time. In 2003, the Community Climate Change Consortium for Ireland (C4I) was established in Met Éireann to produce the first regional climate projections for Ireland. Met Éireann are also partners in the international EC-EARTH climate modelling consortium working with leading experts from 12 European countries to develop and run state-of-the-art climate projections. More recently, an abundance of high quality climate models have become more readily available.

Similar to other countries, Ireland requires an official standardised set of climate projections. This by no means precludes users from taking advantage of the many other climate projections available but it would help standardise national and cross sectoral decision making. This call for proposals is not aimed towards the running or development of any climate models but rather to review existing models and to advice on an appropriate national climate projection standard. TRANSLATE is also aimed at ensuring that these projections as well as summary information are easily accessible to all potential users.

The documentation and prioritisation of the needs of all climate sensitive sectors in Ireland are required. Standardised national climate services to meet these needs are to be developed. These standardised climate services, developed on the back of standardised projections, will be used to establish national climate services to not only assist the next iteration of national adaptation plans but also to benefit all Irish climate sensitive sectors.


  • Call deadline: Friday 10th July 2020 at 17:00.
  • The system will automatically prevent application submission after the deadline.
  • Results expected: September 2020.

Submission platform

Please use the Met Éireann grant platform to submit your application (best with Edge, Firefox or Chrome), following the instructions therein:

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Appeals process

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Reviewers code of conduct

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If you have any questions on the application process, please contact Met Éireann’s Research Funding Office by email to



International partnership

Should an Irish applicant wish to connect to an international expert and vice versa, please contact

(from potential international partner) We see that there is the opportunity to act as unfunded collaborator, but is there also an opportunity to act as funded entity in a consortium led by Irish partners?

Can international partners be included as funded project partners?

An international partner can be a funded entity in a consortium led by Irish partners. However funding has to be provided by the Irish partner. We are only in a position to fund the Irish lead applicant in this instance and are looking for Irish researchers to demonstrate partnership with international expertise.

In the case of an expert from abroad, what kind of partnership is envisaged?

Is “partner” here synonymous with “collaborator”, as defined on p.9?

An international partner can be considered as a collaborator or as a team member.

How payment for a foreign partner (whether individual or institutional) should be accounted for in the budget?

Payment for a foreign partner should be accounted for and detailed, if applicable. Should this payment be coming from a different source than the TRANSLATE grant, it should be specified.

Does “international” in this context mean someone from outside Ireland, or an Irish person with international experience?

An international partner in this context means a researcher based outside of Ireland.


Just wondering if I can be considered eligible as my project would have been completed before my contact expiration if my grant application is successful?

TRANSLATE is open to lead application with a permanent contract with an Irish HEI.

Word countCould I ask do the same word limits (Project Description: 3,000 words, Expected Impact: 1,000 words) apply to for a combined topic 1 and 2 and for separate applications for topic 1 or topic 2?

The word count for the Topics 1 & 2 combined will be extended to project description: 6,000 words and expected impact: 2,000 words. This will be reflected in the grant submission platform.


What is the total allocated budget for the scheme?


What is the maximum budget for successful applicants?

  • Total expected budget for Topics 1 & 2 combined: €600k.Total expected months: 24
  • Total expected budget for Topic 1: €200k.Total expected months: 18
  • Total expected budget for Topic 2: €400k.Total expected months: 24


Have you thought about scientific/communication and other scientific links with climate?

The development of communication material is expected for deliverable D. Please refer to the website (e.g. climate sections) for Met Éireann’s ongoing activities.