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Welcome to the Met Éireann Podcast page.

We’re obsessed with weather in Ireland, but how much do we know about how it’s forecast, what influences it and how a changing global climate is affecting weather worldwide? Each month The Met Éireann Podcast takes a deep dive into these topics.

The podcast is back for a new season and we are excited to be teaming up with RTÉ.

So whether you are a new or existing listener- be sure to subscribe again to the series wherever you get your podcasts.

We also have an Irish version of this podcast – Podchraoladh Met Éireann – available here.

Click on the player below to play the latest episode and more.

You can contact the Podcast team at  or use  #MetEireannPodcast  on Twitter

Find out more about these episodes in our notes below

The Met Éireann Podcast with RTÉ

The Met Éireann Podcast with RTÉ

Podchraoladh Met Éireann le RTÉ

Podchraoladh Met Éireann le RTÉ

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