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Pollen forecast for Met Éireann

Forecast Date: 25-05-2018

Pollen Type: Grass

Region Today Tomorrow Next day
26-05-2018 27-05-2018 28-05-2018
Leinster L L L
Munster L L L
Connacht L L L
Ulster L L L

L = Low
M = Moderate
H = High
VH = Very high
N/A = Not available

General Comments:

The main grass pollen season is expected to start in early June in the south-east of Ireland so now is the time to start taking your medication so that you avoid that first hay fever attack. Although low risk is forecast, there may be some locally moderate levels in areas with lots of meadows during warm weather.

Tree Comments:

The tree pollen season is in decline with little to trouble anyone now.

Grass Comments:

There are some early-flowering grass species releasing pollen during dry, warm weather but the risk will remain generally low. A few people may get some mild symptoms.

Weed Comments:

Some allergenic weeds are now in flower, namely dock and plantain. The risk will be generally low but some sufferers may be affected.

Spore Comments:

The spore risk will rise to moderate during warm dry weather. Cladosporium, some basidiospores and tilletiopsis are currently airborne.

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