The Met Éireann Podcast is Back!

The podcast is back for its second season with Liz Walsh and Noel Fitzpatrick, starting with 2 new episodes – and this year we are excited to be teaming up with RTÉ.

So whether you are a new or existing listener- be sure to subscribe again to the series wherever you get your podcasts. We also have an Irish version of this podcast – Podchraoladh Met Éireann – available on all podcast players.


We’re obsessed with weather in Ireland, but how much do we know about how it’s forecast, what influences it and how a changing global climate is affecting weather worldwide? Each month The Met Éireann Podcast takes a deep dive into these topics.


The first episode is all about Long-Range Forecasting and how it can help meteorologists identify weather patterns in the weeks ahead.

How much salt will we need to keep our roads safe during winter? Will water restrictions be required during a dry spell? Noel and Liz talk to Dr. Laura Zubiate about long-range forecasting and how it helps us to identify weather patterns that can influence everything from economic activity to energy consumption. Being able to spot potential problems or opportunities caused by our weather is really important. Which is why Met Éireann have recently launched the Monthly Forecast. We also take a deep dive into weather patterns around the world and their ‘teleconnections‘, and Liz gives us a round-up of climate statistics observed in 2020.

Episode Two discusses How Climate Influences The Spread of Disease

Does weather influence the spread of Covid-19? Will climate change increase the spread of disease? Liz and Noel speak to climate and disease expert Dr. Rachel Lowe, Associate Professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, who explains how climate influences the behaviour of disease vectors, the impact of climate change on ecological systems and if Covid-19 is affected by the weather.

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