Forecast Issued: 27-06-2022

Pollen Type: Grass

Region Monday Tuesday Wednesday
27-06-2022 28-06-2022 29-06-2022
Leinster H M M
Munster M L L
Connacht M L M
Ulster M L M

L = Low
M = Moderate
H = High
VH = Very high
N/A = Not available

General Comments:

The pollen risk will be moderate to high during any prolonged dry and warm spells. Wet weather moving in for tomorrow, so the risk will mainly be low. Fungal spores: moderate risk after rainfall.

Tree Comments:

The main tree pollen season has finished but lime (linden) trees are dispersing low amounts of allergenic pollen, affecting a minority of hay fever sufferers.

Grass Comments:

Grass pollen will be high or very high on warm, dry days.

Weed Comments:

Weed pollen includes low to moderate amounts of plantain and dock and nettle at a high risk in the southern regions in good weather.

Spore Comments:

Fungal spores include Leptosphaeria, which will increase for a time after rainfall and affect a minority of sufferers, Cladosporium at moderate risk in warm, dry and sunny weather and Alternaria on the increase but still low for now.

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