Weather Resources for Primary & Secondary Schools

“My love of weather started in primary school. My teacher spoke about the weather all the time and introduced our class to how it works. Now, years later, I still love learning more about the weather. My curiosity about the topic finally led me to a career with Met Éireann”  Paul, Agricultural Meteorological Officer

If you are a curious student, or a teacher who wants to expose your pupils to the world of meteorological science, keep reading and explore the links provided below. There is a wealth of meteorological resources freely available online. Below you will find a sample of these, rather than an extensive list. The material includes fun experiments, facts about our climate, lesson plans and how the weather works. Keep reading to learn more about our exciting competition for schools!

Met Éireann: 


Check out the education section of our website for fun fact sheets, quizzes, lesson plans and experiments and, of course, to find out about how we generate weather forecasts!


Met Office UK:

The UK Met Office has tailored its resources to  7-11 year olds and 11-14 year olds They provide information on a wide range of weather and climate topics from ‘extreme weather’ to ‘people in weather and climate’ to ‘weather and climate stories’ to ‘technology and innovation in weather’ and much more.


UCAR Center for Science and Education:

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research


The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) website includes a vast range of educational weather and climate-related resources. Teacher training aids, learning zones, modules, games and interactive tools for all ages are available for exploring the world of weather.




RMetS Metlink resources:Royal Meteorological Society - Experiments and Demonstrations

The Metlink website is part of the wide range of activities of the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) in the UK. The material is aimed at teachers and suitable for primary and secondary level students. They provide information on a range of fun experiments, field work related topics, hazardous weather, clouds and climate change science. Last year RMetS, partnered with Reading University, won the European Meteorological Society’s Outreach and Communications Award for their short course called “Come Rain or Shine”. This 3-week course is freely available on the FutureLearn platform.

Weather Wiz Kids:

Hurricane in a bottle experiment by our staff at the Ploughing Championships 2019

The Weather Wiz Kids site has links to a lot of great weather experiments that you could try at home or in school. As well as the experiments, the site also has fun facts on different weather phenomena from clouds to optical illusions as well as information on weather forecasting, weather instruments, climate and much more.

Further material is available on the NASA S’Cool website, the NOAA JetStream site and the American Meteorological Society’s site to list but a few.