The New Met Éireann Podcast series

Met Éireann starting new English and Irish monthly podcast series on Friday, 21 June

The Met Éireann Podcast, co-presented by Met Éireann’s Liz Walsh and Noel Fitzpatrick, will cover a range of public interest topics on weather and climate with national and international expert guests.

Met Éireann will also release a new monthly Irish language podcast series, Podchraoladh Met Éireann, also starting on 21 June. This series, presented by Met Éireann’s Ferdia McCrann, will feature discussions on weather and climate as Gaeilge. The podcast will also have original music by Met Éireann’s Donal Black.

The podcasts will be freely available on Met Éireann’s website and wherever you normally get your podcasts.

Speaking ahead of the first episode, Met Éireann’s Head of Forecasting, Evelyn Cusack, said: “We’re delighted to begin providing the public with a fresh, monthly source of information on different aspects of Ireland’s weather and climate. Irish people are fascinated by the weather and all things related to it. We hope that through this podcast series Liz, Noel and Ferdia will give people insights into what causes our weather and climate, its impacts on our lives and the different kinds of work we do at Met Éireann.”

In the first episode, Seamus Walsh – Head of Climate and Observations at Met Éireann –  brings us through the fundamentals of climate change and discusses the latest climate projections for Ireland and the world, including how temperature, rainfall, storms and sea level will all change into the future.

The first full podcasts of both series will be published on Friday, 21 June, at 6am. Thereafter, the monthly podcasts will be published in the first week of each month, with July’s episode published on Wednesday, 10 July.

The podcasts will also feature Met Éireann’s choir, The Isobars, who will play out each episode.

People can contact the Met Éireann podcast team at or through our website
Met Éireann is also on Twitter (@meteireann – send us a tweet using the hashtag #MetEireannPodcast) and we have a Met Éireann Facebook page.