Episode 7 - White Christmas

In the Christmas edition of the Met Éireann Podcast, Liz and Noel dig into all things snow. We hear about how often we get a white Christmas, how frequent snowfall is in general, and review some of the notable big snow events we’ve experienced in Ireland and around the world. We explore the different weather conditions that can lead to snowfall including sudden stratospheric warming, and why it can be so tricky to forecast snow in Ireland.

We often hear that all snowflakes are unique, but how do they form? Liz and Noel take us through the journey a snowflake takes from its formation to falling on the surface, and look into why they have such a distinctive shape. Finally, we learn about the role snow plays in our climate, and how the ongoing loss of snow and ice from our planet is amplifying present day climate change.

Liz and Noel are also joined by the Met Éireann choir, the Isobars, who are frequent contributors to the podcast. They tell us a little about themselves, and to close out the episode, perform a beautiful rendition of ‘White Christmas’ with Aoife Murray conducting and accompaniment from Dónal Black.

A very merry Christmas and happy New Year to all our listeners!

Image of 'The Isobars' performing in Met Éireann HQ canteen

‘The Isobars’ performing in Met Éireann HQ canteen

Isobars selfie!

Isobars selfie!

photo of Noel, Liz and Alan Bennett of The Podcast Studios where we record it all

Noel, Liz and Alan Bennett of The Podcast Studios, where we record it all