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Welcome to the new look Met Éireann website.

We designed the homepage to provide a tailored comprehensive weather forecast for a specific location, which can be viewed in 3 different ways all on the one page -forecast maps, detailed forecast and National/Regional text.

Please start at the homepage and do not use a bookmark from the old website. If you are asked to allow the site to set your location, this is solely used to generate a localised weather forecast.

The map at the top of the homepage combines the rainfall radar, forecaster overview and direct model output from Numerical Weather Prediction weather forecast models up to 7 days ahead.

The default map is the Rainfall Radar(showing recent 90 minutes rainfall). It now shows images in 5 minute intervals instead of 15 minute on the old site. To the right of the map, you can view the different weather forecast maps: please select from Forecast Overview(symbols), Rainfall Forecast(7 day), Wind, Temperature or Pressure. Click Play at the bottom of each map to play the weather forecast for each one, similarly to the previous Short-Range and 5 day forecast animation- but now you don’t have to switch from one page to another to view both.

The first 2 days are hourly, then it goes to 3 hourly and finally 6 hourly intervals. Please refer to the legend information below each map option.

Another improvement is that almost all the maps can be zoomed and in and played by pressing (+/-), allowing you to access detailed radar/forecasts for a selected area.


 Forecast in figure above: the data in the midday outlook and detailed weather forecast below the map is generated by a given location. To do this either:

  • Type a location into Enter Location at the top right
  • Click on an area on the map

This will update the homepage displaying a localised detailed weather forecast up to 7 days. The current local weather conditions will update (top of page) as will the Regional text forecast. The Recent Location box to the right of the map will hold your last 3 searches, and they are clickable for ease of return! The forecast slider shows an hourly breakdown of weather forecast information for the next 48 hours and then 6-hourly up to 7 days ahead.

If you leave this page you can find the homepage again by clicking on the Met Éireann logo on the top left.

There are many other new features of our website which may be of interest:

  • County-based weather warning map
  • Full daily data report for each weather station for today and yesterday with an option to download
  • View up to 3 webcams from 6 locations
  • Buoy map

New Met Éireann App

If you are viewing the website on a phone or tablet this may not provide the best viewing experience, especially for the map. If you have a smartphone or tablet our new Met Éireann app shows condensed content from our website including all the same weather maps as on the homepage of the website. It can be downloaded from your app store, links are at the bottom page for guidance.

Upon opening the app, please allow the app to access your location, so it can provide a tailored weather forecast to your location. In the app you can view the following:

  • Weather warnings
  • The map will pinpoint your location and show the most recent radar rainfall image. Tap it for all the same forecast maps from the website.
  • Outlook- Tap each day to show the hourly weather forecast breakdown
  • Tap the magnifier in the top right to look up the forecast for another location
  • View current conditions from your nearest weather station
  • Read the National and Regional weather forecast text
  • Marine, sea area, inland lakes and farming forecasts.

All the same forecast maps are there if you tap the map on the app homepage, you can zoom and play, andthe same daily weather forecasts for 7 days are there which contains hourly breakdown tailored to your location or another location. Changing location will change the Regional weather forecast text to that new province Where you see an > indicates to tap for further information.



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