Climate Statement for July 2020

Cool and wet:

The cool, Atlantic dominated weather from the end of June continued right through July with winds mostly between south-westerly and north-westerly. There were a few occasions where the Azores high ridged up over Ireland giving some dry pleasant weather, especially between the 9th and 11th and be-tween the 19th and 21st. There was rain or showers on most other days during the month, with heavy falls of rain on the 1st in the East, on the 3rd in the West and Northwest and widespread heavy falls on the 7th and 8th as several pulses of rain pushed over the country from the West. After a few mostly dry days, a stream of low pressure systems to the north of Ireland, moving eastwards, brought their associated weather fronts over the country, interspersed with showers, between the 12th and 18th. Pressure remained high to the south of Ireland during this period keeping rainfall amounts generally low. The mostly dry weather between the 19th and 21st broke down once again as Atlantic weather fronts pushed in over the country on the 22nd. Low pressure remained in control of our weather for the rest of the month with some active weather fronts giving heavy falls of rain, especially in the Southeast on the 27th and in the Southwest towards the end of the month causing some flooding.

All mean air temperatures and sunshine amounts across the country were below their Long-Term Average for the month while all rainfall totals were above their Long-Term Average (LTA). Monthly mean wind speeds ranged from 5.5 knots (10.2 km/h) at Ballyhaise, Co Cavan to 13.6 knots (25.2 km/h) at Mace Head, Co Galway.

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