Postdoctoral Fellowship Researcher Vacancies in Met Éireann

We are currently advertising 2 Postdoctoral Fellowship Researcher vacancies at Met Éireann

Researcher in Climate Monitoring Indices & Products

(Fixed term Contract) Changes in Ireland’s climate will impact significantly on society, the economy, and on the natural environment. High quality weather observations are fundamental to our understanding of the climate and are necessary to support climate change adaptation and achieve a climate resilient Ireland. The analysis of past climate data provides valuable information to enable decision makers to assess how the climate has changed, and how it is likely to change in the future. The successful candidate will carry out research on the variability of the Irish climate, focusing in particular on the development of a suite of climate monitoring products and climate change indicators to World Meteorological Organisation standards. This research will produce a suite of products which will be made publicly available and will support decision makers in Irish climate sensitive sectors.


Postdoctoral Researcher – Production of National Standard Maps of Meteorological Parameters

(Fixed term Contract) the primary requirement is to produce a suite of maps for use by Building Industry
to ensure compliance with National and Eurocode standards. These maps relate to return periods of
maximum and minimum temperatures, short duration high-intensity rainfall, driving rain and exposure to
frost attack. The researcher will work with historical observational data sets, employing international best
practice in production of the maps, which will include extreme value statistical analysis. The researcher will
also develop future weather data sets for use in evaluating overheating risk from solar gain in buildings.


Further details on both including candidate booklet and application form are available here