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Regional Forecast for Leinster

Issued at: 21 May 2018 06:00

TODAY - Monday 21st May

Today will be mostly overcast, with rain in most areas in the morning, the rain persistent, with possibly a few heavy bursts, mainly in the midlands. Hill and coastal fog also. The far southeast and parts of the east coast will be mainly dry, with just a little patchy rain or drizzle and it will become mainly dry during the day in eastern counties, as well as in the southeast. However, there will be further outbreaks of rain in the rest of the province, though the rain will tend to become lighter and more intermittent as the day progresses. Maximum temperatures 12 to 14 Celsius generally, but milder in east and southeast coastal counties, with values of 16 to 18 degrees. Winds will be light and variable for much of the day in the east and southeast, but light to moderate northerly winds elsewhere will extend to all parts later.

TONIGHT - Monday 21st May

Tonight will be mostly dry, with clear spells developing, but a few spots of drizzle may occur. Minimum temperatures 4 to 7 Celsius, in moderate northerly breezes.

Solar UV Index

Generally low to moderate but high in any sunshine on Monday

UV Index

TOMORROW - Tuesday 22nd May

Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be dry, with sunny spells developing. Maximum temperatures 15 to 19 Celsius, warmest in the southeast. Winds will be moderate, northerly in direction.

National Outlook

Headline: Mainly dry and settled for the rest of the week and probably also for the early days of next week, with sunny intervals. However, there is a risk of some heavy, thundery showers developing, especially in the west and south. Relatively warm, with above normal temperatures.

Tuesday night: Dry, with clear spells and light to moderate mainly northeast breezes. Minimum temperatures 4 to 8 Celsius.

Wednesday: Dry, with sunshine. Warm, with temperatures into the low 20s in many areas, especially in the midwest, west and northwest. A little cooler in coastal areas, with sea breezes, especially on eastern coasts, with light to moderate northeasterly winds.

Thursday and Friday: Most areas dry, with sunny intervals. However, there is a possibility of some heavy, thundery showers developing, especially in parts of the south and west. Winds will be mostly moderate, east to northeast in direction, with sea breezes developing by day. Warm, with maximum temperatures in the low 20s in many areas, but it will be cooler on coasts, with sea breezes.

Next weekend: Early indications suggest that it will remain warm and mostly dry, with some sunshine and just a slight chance of a few scattered showers. Daytime temperatures will continue to reach the low 20s away from exposed coasts and may reach the mid 20s in a few spots. Winds will be moderate, locally fresh, east to northeast in direction.

Further outlook: Current indications are that it will remain warm and mostly dry for the early days of next week, though the forecast could change.

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