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National Forecast

Issued at: 21 July 2018 23:09

TONIGHT - Saturday 21st July

Mainly dry overnight with mixed cloud and lowest temperatures of 12 to 16 degrees.

TOMORROW - Sunday 22nd July

The best of any sunshine tomorrow will be across east and southeast of the country where temperatures will reach 22 to 24 degrees. Elsewhere the day will tend to be cloudier with occasional light rain /drizzle and highs of 18 to 21 degrees.

National Outlook

Tuesday: Mainly dry and cloudy for the day but scattered outbreaks of misty light rain /drizzle will occur on occasions, brief periods of sunshine too. Highs of 18 to 22 degrees with light breezes.

Wednesday: Little change for the eastern half of the country; mainly dry and cloudy for the day. Over more western counties rain will develop along the coast and gradually push inland through the day. The rain in the west will become heavy by evening and will then extend eastwards across the country overnight.

Thursday: Further outbreaks of heavy rain during the morning. A clearance will develop in the west of the country by midday but the rain will tend to persist across more eastern counties for much of the day.

Friday: A much brighter and fresher day. Good sunshine during the morning but showers will break out in the afternoon. Highs of 17 to 20 degrees in light breezes.

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