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National Forecast

22 January 2019 05:23

Today - Tuesday 22nd January

Very cold today, with a mix of bright or sunny spells and scattered showers, some of sleet and snow in the morning, but turning mainly to rain and sleet during the day, with a risk of snow mainly over high ground. Maximum temperatures 3 to 6 Celsius, in moderate to fresh westerly winds, veering west to northwest and gradually easing.

Tonight - Tuesday 22nd January

Tonight will be mainly dry, with clear spells, but there will be some further scattered showers, mainly in southwestern, western and northern coastal areas, some of sleet or snow, mainly in parts of the northwest and north. Very cold in Leinster and Ulster, with frost and a risk of icy patches. Minimum temperatures minus 2 to plus 1 Celsius, coldest in the northeast. Minimum values in Munster and Connacht 2 to 4 Celsius, with no significant frost. A few mist patches may develop, in light west to northwest breezes.

Tomorrow - Wednesday 23rd January

Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be mainly dry in Ulster and Leinster, with bright spells and just a few scattered showers, mainly in north and northwest coastal areas, a few of them wintry in the northeast. Cloud will increase gradually from the Atlantic, with outbreaks of rain and drizzle extending gradually eastwards across Munster and Connacht during the afternoon and evening. Maximum temperatures 4 to 8 Celsius generally, rising to 9 or 10 degrees on southwest coasts. Winds mostly light to moderate, west to northwest.


Headline: Very changeable and unsettled weather for the rest of the week. Very cold at first, especially in the east and northeast, but briefly becoming quite mild through Thursday, Friday and Friday night.

Wednesday: Mainly dry in the eastern half of the country, with bright spells and a few isolated showers, but cold. Cloudier further west, with outbreaks of rain and drizzle extending eastwards across Munster and Connacht during the afternoon and evening, bringing a rise in temperatures. Max. 5 to 9 Celsius, in light to moderate, west to northwest breezes.

Wednesday night: Mainly dry in the midlands, east and northeast, with some clear spells. Cold, with some frost and a risk of icy patches on untreated surfaces. Minimum temperatures minus 1 to plus 2 Celsius, coldest in east Ulster. Minimum temperatures in Munster and Connacht will range between 3 and 6 degrees, where it will be mostly cloudy, with patchy light rain or drizzle, extending further east by morning. Mist and fog patches also, in light westerly or variable breezes.

Thursday: Mostly cloudy, with outbreaks of rain and drizzle, but some dry intervals will develop gradually during the afternoon, mainly in inland parts of Munster and Connacht. Hill and coastal fog also. Temperatures will rise gradually from the west, with maximum values of 6 to 10 or 11 Celsius. Winds light to moderate southerly, veering west to northwest and freshening along west and northwest coasts. Mild overnight, with no frost. Min, 4 to 8 C. Mainly dry, but misty in places, with patches of drizzle and fog, especially on coasts and hills.

Friday: Mild and mostly dry, with a few bright spells, but predominantly cloudy, with patches of mist and drizzle, mainly along Atlantic coasts and on high ground. Max. 9 to 11 Celsius, in moderate west to southwest breezes. Mild on Friday night, with a band of more persistent rain extending from the northwest, in strong southwesterly winds.

Saturday: Rain will clear southeastwards during the morning, with sunny spells developing and scattered showers, most of them in Ulster, Connacht and west Munster. Mild at first, but turning very cold again as the day progresses, with a risk of wintry showers in the evening and overnight, especially in Ulster, Connacht and north Leinster. Some frost overnight, mainly in places sheltered from moderate west to northwest winds.

Sunday: Current indications suggest that Sunday will be mainly dry and cold, but cloudier conditions, with rain, will extend from the Atlantic later.