Met Éireann is the state’s authoritative voice on all matters meteorological. It is important that Met Éireann assists the state through the supply of weather forecasts, warnings as well as climate services. One way to assist in this is to provide educational material on weather related themes via an Education Portal.

The Education section of our website contains content for both younger and older Primary school children.

We also provide a portal into the Met Éireann library where users can search and browse resources including books, journals, reference works and historical collections.

As well as that users can access the many publications produced over the years by Met Éireann staff. These publications include work on climate, climate change, technical notes regarding Numerical Weather Predictions.

It also contains articles explaining common and uncommon meteorological and scientific phenomena such as “What is lightning?” and “The Northern Lights“. The number of articles will grow in time.

Outreach resources:

Irish Seasons

Topography and Hydrology

Water cycle