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Welcome to Met Éireann’s Primary School Resources page, where parents, teachers and children will find resources that have been designed for use in primary schools in Ireland.

This section of our website aims to provide a basic introduction to the weather and weather-related topics for primary school students.

These resources are designed to encourage primary students to engage in active learning though an exploration and investigation of basic meteorological principles.

It is hoped that these resources will help students to practice a range of scientific skills and to develop open, critical and responsible attitudes to the wider environment.

Content and Structure

The resources are presented as fact sheets, quizzes, lesson plans and experiments. They are grouped together under the following categories.

Younger Primary Students: this section offers simple descriptions of common weather facts, e.g. sunshine, rainfall, wind, temperature.

Older Primary Students: this section provides more in-depth information on weather-related topics and introduces more specific skills such as reading weather charts and cloud recognition.

Lessons Plans: this section is designed primarily for use by teachers and the lesson plans can be adapted to suit either younger or older primary school students.

Content is free!

All documents are free and fully printable. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the resources. You can download Adobe Reader here.

Younger Primary Students

Older Primary Students

Lesson Plans



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This project has been a collaborative effort, combining the work of various Met Éireann staff members over a number of years.