New Website Homepage Design

Met Éireann is delighted to launch an update to the design and style of our website homepage at and the addition of new hourly forecasts.

What’s New?

  • Redesign of our homepage with the latest high resolution visible ‘clouds’ Satellite image of Ireland on desktop, and infrared at night
  • Improved experience on mobile, especially for viewing the hourly weather forecast and a full country view of the rainfall radar
  • New forecasts have been added to our hourly, localised forecast – Sunrise and Sunset hours, % Chance of precipitation per hour, Gust, ‘Feels Like’ temperature, Humidity, Dew Point temperature and mean sea level Pressure- with an expand option to view more or less information.
  • Tap any day to jump to that forecast. The hourly forecast now goes out 10 days ahead!
  • The daily Outlook panels also show maximum and minimum temperature forecast for the day ahead and moon phase (desktop only)
  • Our full size Weather Maps are available on their own page, with a smaller version on the homepage

We know that almost 70% of you view our website on mobile, so together with our web developers, we worked on a new design to improve the display of our most popular website services there.

Find out more about all the updates in Forecast Explained.

We plan to bring the new additional forecasts to the Met Éireann app later this year. on mobile on mobile on desktop on desktop on desktop with full hourly forecast on desktop with full hourly forecast – click the ‘Show’ button to expand/close