New Met Éireann Podcast Out Now! Weather and Climate : Fact and Fiction

The desire and need to predict our weather and climate have existed for thousands of years, long before the development of modern forecasting methods and systems. As a result, a rich catalogue of proverbs and sayings have arisen over time in efforts to understand and predict the behaviour of our atmosphere. However, as stated by Richard Inwards, author of The unique bedside book of Weather Lore, “many weather proverbs contain evidence of keen observation and just reasoning, but a greater number are the offspring of the common tendency to form conclusions from a too limited observation of facts.”

In this month’s episode of the Met Éireann Podcast, Liz and Noel are investigating these weather sayings to separate fact from fiction. From red skies at night to cows lying down, we hear about how these sayings may have developed and if they have a meteorological leg to stand on!

The team also address some of the common myths and misconceptions when it comes to climate change, and provide the facts behind the observed warming of our planet.

Liz and Noel are then joined by Paul Moore from our

Climate Division to discuss our exceptionally dry spring, and to close out the episode, the Met Éireann choir, the Isobars, perform a fantastic version of ‘Here comes the Sun’ to help welcome in the summer!

It is available to listen to here or wherever you get your podcasts

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Is a red sky at night really shepherds delight? – Image taken from the Summer 2018 Analysis here