New Episode of The Met Éireann Podcast - Adventures on the frontiers of climate change

The Met Éireann Podcast is back for its 4th Season!

Few things impact us on a daily basis like the weather; how we work and travel, how we exercise and socialise, how we grow our food, our safety and even how we feel.

Our weather and climate are changing, and a better understanding of our atmosphere can help us navigate these changes. The Met Éireann Podcast explores all things weather and climate, the mysteries of our atmosphere and meets the people that work to understand them. Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick will be joined by new guests each episode to help uncover the science and its wide-ranging impacts.

Episode 1 – Adventures on the frontiers of climate change

Dr Heïdi Sevestre is one of the world’s leading voices on the need to protect our planet’s cold places and the damage being caused by climate change. In this episode, Heïdi and Noel discuss her recent expeditions to the Arctic, Greenland and Andes, surviving severe storms and polar bear encounters, and joining the world’s best climbers to help carry out research in extreme locations. Heïdi and Noel also discuss the importance of science communication and the need for climate scientists to raise their voices.

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