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Forecast issued at: Saturday 03rd December 2022 12:00


The past week was wetter than average only in parts of County Cork, with totals there amounting to 136% of normal, 39.3 mm. It was drier than average elsewhere Ulster and north Leinster were the driest with totals as low as 10% of normal, only 2.4 mm in the week in Malin Head. The coming week will be drier than average for most of the west of the country with around 5-15mm forecast. It is expected to be somewhat wetter in the north and east with around 20-40mm forecast over the next 7 days.


Mean air temperatures over the past week ranged from 7.2 degrees at Knock in County Mayo to 10.7 degrees in Valentia, which is generally between 1 and 2.5 degrees above average with the greatest difference in the midwest and west. Mean soil temperatures were close to 2 degree above normal in most areas. Over the coming week, air temperatures will decrease steadily with the mean temperature by the end of the week expected to be as much as 4 degrees below the seasonal average. Mean soil temperatures are nevertheless expected to stay just above average, though decreasing slightly closer to normal seasonal averages.


Sunshine totals over the last week ranged from around 5 or 6 hours in Atlantic coastal counties to almost 15 hours in parts of County Dublin. Over the coming week, sunshine amounts are expected vary quite a bit across the country, western counties are most favoured to see the lengthiest spells of sunshine.

Drying Conditions

Generally poor drying is expected in the next week.


Diminished growth will reduce spraying capabilities this week but there will be plenty of dry spells and slack winds.

Field Conditions

All soils are saturated to waterlogged at the moment. There will be little change in soil conditions over the coming week, even with below average rainfall there will be little to no drying. Trafficability will remain poor.

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Soil Moisture Deficits

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