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Forecast issued at: Monday 18th June 2018 14:00


Rainfall came in slightly above average these past seven days in the far northwest (20 to 25mm), however for the rest of the country rainfall figures remained well below normal with totals ranging from just 3 to 10mm. Soil moisture deficits consequently remain positive, especially across the midlands, south and east where the land is crying out for some rain. Today and tomorrow will see weather fronts moving up across the country, with the focus of the rainfall across the northwest and west on Tuesday; some high volumes here as it turns persistent and heavy, elsewhere rainfall will be more scattered. A lot of dry weather developing everywhere from Wednesday out to the foreseeable future as high pressure builds.


Temperatures have been around normal of late. Quite a range in numbers on Tuesday with the Polar Front lying across Ireland. The east and south will be warmer than normal with values rising into the high teens of low 20s, whilst other areas will be bit cooler than average with values in the low to mid-teens even. Wednesday through to Friday will bring around average values and no more, with northerly breezes streaming down across Ireland (best values further south). However the trend is for warmer weather to set in as of the weekend with values climbing into the low 20s widely both Saturday and Sunday and possibly even higher into next week as it become locally very warm, that's as southwest breezes take hold.


Sunshine was well below normal this past week with just half the usual on average. Sunshine hours typically came in around 20 hours. One exception being the southeast which lived up to its namesake with 46 hours recorded. The next number of days will bring variable cloud cover with around normal sunshine hours. Later in the week though it is likely to become sunnier and warmer.

Drying Conditions

Good drying conditions generally with high pressure building, but poor on Tuesday in the west and north.


A little breezy up until and including Tuesday with rain aforementioned in parts. Winds will be slack from Wednesday onwards, with largely dry conditions too, with plentiful opportunities for spraying from then on.

Field Conditions

Dry and hard in the east and south with soil moisture deficits of 40-70mm, a bit less dry in the west and north but still deficits of 20-40mm. In the east SMD will be between 70 and 80 mm by the end of the week.

Further Comments [optional]:

Risk of blight conditions in the west and north and along south coast

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