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Monday, 19 March 2018
4 Celsius
NE Fresh 
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Atlantic Charts

Weather Charts - Issued at 10:57 - 19 March 2018


Midday Today - Isobars Midday Today - Rainfall
Weather Isobar Chart - Today Weather Rainfall Chart - Today
Midday Today - Clouds Midday Today - Temperature
Weather Cloud Chart - Today Weather Temperature Chart - Today


Midday Tomorrow - Isobars Midday Tomorrow - Rainfall
Weather Isobar Map - Tomorrow Weather Rainfall Chart - Tomorrow
Midday Tomorrow - Clouds Midday Tomorrow - Temperature
Weather Cloud Chart - Tomorrow Weather Temperature Chart - Tomorrow

Isobars: Isobars, lines of equal atmospheric pressure, are drawn every 4hPa (hectopascals or millibars). Areas of High and Low pressure are indicated.

Rainfall: Rainfall accumulated over 6 hours. The deeper the shade of blue, the heavier the rainfall. Some regions of very light rainfall may not be indicated.

Cloud: Computer generated cloud using fractals shows the extent of predicted cloud amounts.

Temperature: Areas of warmer and cooler air are represented by red and blue shades respectively.

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