Public Works Contract Data

Weather Events in Public Works Contracts

An objective and measurable approach was adopted in relation to what is considered to be a weather event which could trigger a delay event, i.e. the contractor gets additional time. A delay event is triggered when a weather event exceeds a defined threshold (90th percentile) value in any given month.

Weather events are:

  • Number of days per month with a rainfall amount > 10mm.
  • Number of days per month with a maximum 10-min. mean wind speed >=15m/s.
  • Number of days per month with a minimum temperature < 0 deg. C.

Monthly Weather Data

Monthly weather events for our Synoptic stations are available online, simply select a station from the map.

View Monthly Weather Data

The Department of Finance document describes how weather events are calculated and the historical data used to determine entitlement to an extension of time. Threshold values (90th percentiles) are detailed in this document.

The 90th percentile is the lowest value which has 90% of the sample data less than or equal to it. All available data for each station was used in its calculation. A station was not used unless there were at least 10 years of data available in the last 12 years for each calendar month.