Website Access Guidance

Screen Reader Access

Software can be downloaded to enable your computer or device to read ‘out loud’ the words and certain data on our website, the words are then read ‘out loud’ by your computer. This is useful for people who have reading difficulties, mild vision disabilities or for whom English is a second language.

Accessible Forecast Access

Because the information on our Weather Map at the top of our homepage is visual, we have provided an Accessible Forecast to communicate the forecast data in the images, which is based on a location you write into Enter Location in the website header. This version of our homepage provides the user with easy access to the text weather forecast and numerical weather prediction. This webpage is available at

Alternatively, when the user enters the homepage at the screen reader software will give the option ‘Alternative accessible version available’. Please select this. It then gives the option to ‘skip to main content’ which can also be selected.

If you don’t skip, the reader will read out the contents of the website header. Your device may have already geo-located and will generate a weather forecast for there. If not, use the Enter Location prompt in the header to find a forecast for a location selectable from the list of suggestions when you start typing*. The screen reader will also list the website menu options. Then continue to main content. Or skip to main content. The Accessible Forecast page will read the National and Regional Forecast text and the ‘Location – 7 day Outlook’ weather forecast as described in the legend underneath. Select a day to open that hourly weather forecast page. The screen reader will read this content.

You can find our other forecasts products and reports via the menu items.

*If your chosen location is not available on the location list, please send the location request to .

Low Bandwidth

The Accessible Forecast page in the Forecast menu also provides a low-bandwidth solution for such users.

Homepage Weather Maps

As an approximate guideline, the homepage Weather Maps work on the following browser versions, operating systems and above:

  • Chrome – Version 40 and above
  • Firefox – Version 37 and above
  • Edge – All versions
  • Internet Explorer – Version 10 and higher
  • Safari – Version 10.7 (MacOS)

Web browsers must have the required SNI support to view the website. Our previous website is currently still available at

Printer Version 

The Accessible Forecast page and the hourly pages are printer friendly.

Accessing videos, images and documents

Your browser will tell you if you need to download software or a plugin to view this type of content. For example, Adobe Reader is required to view PDF files on this site. A free copy can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

Our reports are downloadable in .csv format which can be opened in a spreadsheet or a text editor. Other reports open in an HTML page. Certain bulk data is downloadable in a zip file. All images have Caption descriptions unless they are decorative in which case they have null values.

We have developed a guide to using the website and app

iOS App Version

To use the Mobile App on iOS devices you must have version 11 or higher of the OS installed.

Audio Weather Forecast

Met Éireann has a daily audio weather forecast available as a podcast, recorded by our weather forecasters. It is updated 3 times a day and can even be called on a smart speaker. Search ‘Weather Forecast from Met Éireann’ wherever you get your podcasts.