Environmental Services

Met Éireann provides a number of environmental services, which are delivered in the form of forecasts, data and warnings.

Environmental Forecasts, Warnings and Forecast Data

  • Solar UV index from May to September– warnings will be delivered via the Met Éireann mobile app
  • Pollen from June to August– warnings of high pollen counts will be made available by the new mobile apps
  • Trajectory analysis – this can be run to monitor potential chemical and nuclear emissions through the HySplit dispersion model
  • Wind and dispersion forecast data
  • Short range prediction of wind and rain(direct model output)

Environmental Services: Risk and Warnings

Met Éireann can issue warnings and forecasts for the following risks. The content can be tailored to the customer’s needs. Met Éireann offers a platform to Government Departments and Agencies as well as Local Authorities and corporate bodies to deliver tailored meteorological data and products; www.metweb.ie 

  • Heavy rain
  • Thunderstorms
  • High winds and gusts
  • Frost, snow and road ice
  • Low level ozone
  • Forest fire risk Research

The numerical weather prediction models run by Met Éireann (HIRLAM and Harmonie) provide the forecast data for end users as well as input data to other environmental models such as the road ice prediction system, nuclear emergency response models and wind resource assessment.


Agri-Environmental Services
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Note: For data requests contact the Climate Enquiries Office.