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2017 Civil Service Excellence and Innovation Award to Met Éireann

29 November 2017

The 2017 Civil Service Excellence and  Innovation Awards were announced on Monday and Met Éireann were the winners in the category “Research, Analytics and Insight” for the project MÉRA (Met Éireann ReAnalysis).  

Congratulations to the MÉRA team (Eoin Whelan, Emily Gleeson and John Hanley)! 

Summary of MÉRA (Met Éireann ReAnalysis) Data Project 

This new state-of-the-art climate dataset for Ireland was produced by Met Éireann using a technique known as "climate reanalysis". Climate reanalysis combines weather observations with a weather forecast model to produce a complete picture of the past climate. Routine weather observations alone cannot give a full representation of Ireland's climate. Climate reanalysis fills these gaps and also provides additional information on weather and climate that is not routinely reported. 

This Irish reanalysis dataset called MÉRA aims to provide Irish society with a very high quality climate dataset for the first time. This unique dataset spans the years 1981-2015 and provides over 200 climate variables. Production of this dataset was completed in spring 2017 with a successful launch and stakeholder workshop in May 2017. Data validation, including comparisons with observations and other similar datasets, has demonstrated MÉRA's quality.  This work has been successfully reviewed by international experts and published in international scientific journals.

Read more about MÉRA at MÉRA Frequently asked questions 

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