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17 November 2017

Climatologist, Sandra

Sandra Spillane joined Met Éireann in 2007. She has a PhD in Mathematics (fluid dynamics) and a MSc in Meteorology. She has worked in Research, Forecasting and Climatology functions and developed multiple skills along the way. She is particularly interested in the effective communication of scientific detail and is very motivated in her current role to expand the range and relevance of the climate services provided by Met Éireann. Customers for climate data services range across public and private sectors as well as to the general public.

Met Éireann maintains a large digitally archived National Climate Database and also holds a significant archive of historic paper based climatological records. Sandra works as part of a team where input and collaboration with others is vital to providing accurate, reliable and useful climate services. The communication of data is an important part of the climate service and Sandra has no single approach to communication, rather services are designed for the variety of ways in which people find and understand information.

Sandra’s work  as a climatologist involves statistical analysis of past climate and weather data in order to provide details on long-term changes in the Irish climate. Sandra is involved in the provision of gridded datasets and statistical reporting together with the production of post-event graphics.  She also provides legal services such as reports on past weather and support for court proceedings as an expert meteorological witness.


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