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Rainfall time series from 1850-2010 for Ireland.

08 October 2015

Homogenisation and analysis of an expanded long-term monthly rainfall network for the Island of Ireland (1850-2010)

An Island of Ireland Precipitation (IIP) series covering the period 1850-2010 for 25 locations has been constructed by researchers at Maynooth University and Met Éireann. Such long-term series are critical for understanding past and emerging changes to the precipitation regime and the hydrological cycle. The resulting dataset provides the second-longest regional precipitation archive in the British-Irish Isles

In developing the dataset researchers rescued data from the archives in Met Éireann’s library and combined them with previously available long-term records for stations on the Island. Attention was also given to compiling metadata for all stations. Following bridging and updating of stations, HOMER homogenisation software was used to detect breaks in individual series and to extend all series to a common period of record. Only breaks confirmed by metadata were subject to adjustment.

Assessment of variability and change in homogenised and extended precipitation records reveal positive (winter) and negative (summer) trends over the period 1850-2010. Trends in records covering the typical period of digitisation (1941 onwards) are not always representative of longer records, indicating the importance of long term records. Furthermore, trends in post-homogenisation series change magnitude and even direction at some stations. While cautionary flags are raised for some series, confidence in the derived network is increased given attention paid to metadata, coherence of behaviour across the network and consistency of findings with other long-term climatic series such as the England and Wales precipitation series.

This research was recently published in the International Journal of Climatology: .

The homogenised and extended data for all 25 stations in the network, the Island of Ireland composite series and supporting metadata are available here: . Please cite the original paper if using this dataset.


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Noone, S., Murphy, C., Coll, J., Matthews, T., Mullan, D., Wilby, R. L. and Walsh, S. (2015), Homogenization and analysis of an expanded long-term monthly rainfall network for the Island of Ireland (1850–2010). Int. J. Climatol.. doi: 10.1002/joc.4522

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