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Launch of New Weather Satellite
29 June 2015

MSG-4 is the last in the successful Meteosat Second Generation series of satellites, which provides continuity of real-time weather monitoring from geostationary orbit 36,000 km from Earth.

This service is vital to ensure the safety of lives, property and infrastructure, particularly in situations of severe weather.

In addition, the Meteosat series of satellites has accumulated almost thirty-five years of climate records since 1981. These are an invaluable asset for climate monitoring and understanding our changing climate and their role will grow increasingly important with the next generations of systems.

The main application of MSG is “nowcasting” and very short-range forecasting of high-impact weather, including:

  • Severe convection such as thunderstorms and associated heavy precipitation;
  • Development of severe mid-latitude storms;
  • Tropical cyclones and quasi-cyclones in the Mediterranean (“medicanes”) or in the Azores;
  • Transport and dispersion of dust storms and volcanic ash;
  • Fog, development of cumulonimbus and other conditions impacting aviation.

MSG products extracted at EUMETSAT and across its network of Satellite Application Facilities are also used for longer range weather forecasts, for monitoring vegetation and wildfires, particularly in Africa, and incoming solar energy. They have built up climate records of more than 35 years.

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