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Thursday, 23 February 2017
8 Celsius
NW Strong 
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Thursday, 23 February 2017 05:06

Extremely windy, stormy in places around dawn and for a time early this morning, with gale force northwest winds and some severe and damaging squalls, but winds will gradually moderate through the day. A cold day, widespread showers this morning, some prolonged and heavy and some wintry in parts of Ulster and north Leinster with some snow on higher ground. Showers will become more scattered this afternoon with better sunny spells. Top afternoon temperatures only 5 to 8 degrees Celsius, and feeling even colder due to wind chill.


Tonight: Winds continuing to ease and it will be cold and mostly dry in midland and eastern areas with sharp frost, as temperatures fall to around zero or -1 degree Celsius, but holding around 3 or 4 degrees in western areas. Some showers continuing in the west and northwest and cloud will generally thicken there later in the night.


Weather News

16 February 2017
El Niño/La Niña Update
During the second half of 2016, tropical Pacific Ocean surface temperatures were at borderline weak La Niña/cool-neutral levels. Many atmospheric ENSO indicators also approached or exceeded La Niña thresholds. During January 2017, tropical Pacific Ocean temperatures and some atmospheric fields clearly returned to ENSO-neutral levels. With weak La Niña signals since mid-2016, in some regions the influence of other climate drivers may have equaled or even outweighed that of EN

13 February 2017
Irish Meteorological Society evening talk: "Space Weather"
The Irish Meteorological Society is organising an evening talk on the subject of "Space Weather" on Thursday, 16 February, in the Custom House, Dublin. The event will start at 6pm with tea/coffee available from 5.30pm.

07 February 2017
New Wave Record at Buoy M5
A significant wave height of 9.2m and an individual wave of 12.5m was recorded at Buoy M5 at 23:00 on the 2nd February 2017.

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