The Irish History Podcast - A History of Weather Forecasting

Evelyn Cusack and Noel Fitzpatrick are interviewed in the latest episode of the Irish History Podcast and talk about the history of weather in Ireland – From Newgrange to D-Day: A History of Weather Forecasting

Amongst many things, they discuss the origins of meteorology, Ireland’s historical role in understanding our weather, Ireland’s weather link to D-Day, and what the future holds for observing and predicting our weather and climate. Available wherever you get your podcasts.

If you enjoy that, be sure to also check out The Met Éireann Podcast – hosted by Noel Fitzpatrick and Liz Walsh; also its Irish version Podchraoladh Met Éireann presented by Ferdia McCrann, and our daily short weather forecast podcast Weather Forecast from Met Éireann. Also available on all podcast networks.