Technical Issue Affecting the Met Éireann App -23rd April

A technical issue affecting Google Maps occurred on the night of 23rd April, this caused our app to stop working because it is the base map for our app Radar/Forecast map. This has affected all other apps worldwide which use the Google Map.

For any users who used our app after from approximately 9pm until the morning of 24th April – the app crashed and this may still occur.

Google Maps have applied a fix which seems to have worked automatically for iOS users but not for Android users.

If you use an Android device and the app still crashes, please try deleting the app and reinstalling it and you also need to Clear the App Data. To do this, go to Settings – Apps – Met Éireann app – Storage – Clear Data. This should also clear the cache. Then try the app again, it should work this time.

Update 27th April:

There is an update available for Android users in the Play store now or the App Gallery(Huawei), this provides an update to fix the issue for users who aren’t aware of how to fix this by clearing the data.


Digital Communications Unit, Forecast Division, Met Éireann