Met Éireann on the MathsCast Podcast

In the fourth of a special series of podcasts for Maths Week 2019; Colm O’Regan was joined in conversation with Dr. Alan Hally and Evelyn Cusack. Alan is a meteorologist in the Research, Environment and Applications Division at Met Éireann and Evelyn is our Head of Forecasting.

In this podcast, they discuss the mathematics at the core of every weather forecast.

Alan’s work is computer-based simulations of the weather and he has a keen interest in using probabilities to communicate weather forecasts. Whether it is a next day weather forecast or long range climate change prediction, mathematical models are used. This podcast reveals the mathematics at the core of all weather forecasting and climate change models, as well as touching on the important historical contributions of Irish scientists and mathematicians.

This MathsCast Vol 4 episode is available here

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