M6 Buoy Suspended- Update 05/10/2018

25th September 2018 11:00

The M6 Buoy has broken its moorings and is adrift. Its current position is 53.2N 13.9W and the buoy is moving eastwards at 0.2 km/h. The buoy continues to report a good data set and there are no immediate plans to recover the buoy.

We will supply updates when available.

4th October 2018

M6 buoy was located on 3rd October and removed from the sea. Please ignore all data since 11:00 03/10/2018. Buoy data will be suspended by UKMO at some stage on 04/10/2018.

5th October 2018

The M6 Data flow was suspended on the morning of 4th October 2018.