Climate Statement for March 2022

Previous Marchs were unsettled and stormy

  • 2016 Storm Jake and Katie were named. Most places reported below their 1981-2010 Long-Term Averages (LTA) for rainfall and mean air temperatures.
  • 2017 Mild, unsettled and wet. Most rainfall totals and temperatures were above their LTA.
  • 2018 Storm Emma yielded widespread snow, ice and low temperatures. Most rainfall totals and all temperatures were below their LTA.
  • 2019 Storms Freya and Gareth were named. Unsettled and rainfall totals and temperatures were above their LTA.
  • 2020 Storm Jorge was named. This month was cool, sunny and dry in the East. Rainfall totals and temperatures were below their LTA nearly everywhere.
  • 2021 Mild and settled. Rainfall totals were below their LTA and air temperatures were above their LTA.

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Provisional March 2022 statement highlights

March was mild, dry and very sunny

Rainfall: Below average nearly everywhere, driest in the Northwest

The wettest day was also recorded at Johnstown Castle, Co Wexford on Wednesday 9th with 41.5 mm recorded (53% of its monthly LTA) and its highest March fall in 81 years.

Temperature: Above average at most stations

Sunshine: Very sunny everywhere

Monthly sunshine totals were as much as 203.1 hours (no LTA comparison*) at Dublin Airport, Co Dublin (its highest monthly total in the digital record, 81 years). But also the March 2022 monthly sunshine total at Dublin Airport is the 2nd highest monthly sunshine at any sunshine station. Second only to the national highest monthly sunshine total on record (see Weather Extreme Records for information) is 221.3 hrs at Valentia Observatory, Co Kerry during March 1955.

Wind: Strong gales reported

Provisional Gridded Rainfall 2022

Provisional Gridded Rainfall 2022