Fine spell continuing for the first week of June

By Meteorologists Rebecca Cantwell and Evelyn Cusack, Monday 29th May, 2023.

The current fine spell is set to continue over the June Holiday Weekend and right through the first week in June. The Azores anticyclone (high pressure system) is shifted from its normal position around the Azores (and hence its name) up to the north of Ireland producing an Easterly airflow over Ireland. This is called a blocking high Pressure system as it literally blocks out the rainbelts in the Atlantic and diverts away the Jet stream and low pressure systems to the north and to the south and in fact over the Azores the Azores High has been replaced this week by a Low Pressure system and rain . Over Southern Europe daytime heavy showers and thunderstorms will occur from Portugal over to Greece, while we enjoy fine, dry weather. See the Atlantic chart below showing the Azores High shifted to the north of Ireland and the precipitation forecast over Mediterranean countries.

So lovely, fine, sunny weather in store for Bloom and for all the myriad events around the country for the June Weekend but also for the start of the Leaving cert and best wishes to all the students from Met Éireann.

Sea temperatures are nearly 16°C off Kerry but only 12°C in the Northeast Sea-surface-temperature so an east to northeast airflow makes it feel fresh anywhere along the north and east coast with air temperatures here typically of 15 to 18°C. But apart from these coastal areas and mountains mountains-forecast it will be warm with maximum values reaching 21 to 24°C countrywide and as high as 25 degrees in in parts of the west.

Safety on the Water: Please take great care if out on or near water. Avoid swimming in potentially treacherous locations like flooded quarries. Swim at designated, lifeguarded waterways and beaches, between the flags, where possible. Stay within your depth. Always wear a personal flotation device/lifejacket when boating or angling and ensure that it has correctly fitting straps. Contact the Coastguard if you see somebody in trouble or think they are in trouble on the water or along the coast Dial 112/999

Visit EPA to view bathing water quality and get the Met Éireann weather forecast for over 200 beaches around Ireland.

UV: The UV index is 7. Seek shade during peak sunshine hours of 12-3pm, this is when UV is at its highest and people are at greatest risk of sunstroke and sunburn. Cover up with a hat and long sleeved T-shirt. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in Ireland and to help prevent it don’t burn. Remain hydrated. Carry plenty of water on journeys in case of delays due to increased numbers visiting coastal and rural areas.

Fire: There is a Fire Danger Notice – Condition Orange in operation until the 6th June (likely to be extended). Ground conditions are quite dry so please do not ignite naked flames in any woodland or grassland areas. Never barbecue in parks, wildland areas or any site in close proximity to vegetation, trees etc. Most wildfires in Ireland are a result of human activities and are therefore avoidable. Fire-danger-notices

Please do enjoy the fine weather but stay safe. Met Éireann now has a daily audio weather forecast available as a podcast, recorded by our weather forecasters. Search Weather Forecast from Met Éireann on your podcast player – it’s available now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and more. Or listen on Audioboom if the player is not available. For your local 10-day forecast or App

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