Climate Statement for November and Autumn 2019

November: Cool everywhere, very wet and dull in the East:

Most of November was unsettled with low pressure dominating. Frontal depressions developed over Ireland as they moved in from the Atlantic on numerous occasions throughout the month. Several of them became slow moving, giving large amounts of rainfall, especially in the East. The first four days of the month saw a complex area of low pressure positioned directly over the country with bands of rain or showers circulating around it. There was a gap on the 5th, before low pressure moved in again on the 6th. This was the constant theme throughout the month; all the while, the East of the country bore the brunt of the rain in a cyclonic easterly flow off the Irish Sea. There were a few relatively dry periods in between the low pressure systems, especially between the 15th and 18th and again for the last few days of the month as high pressure moved in. The track of the frontal depressions lead to the South and especially the East receiving the bulk of the rain while the Northwest had a relatively drier month.

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Autumn: Cool , drier in the Northwest, wet elsewhere:

Overall, meteorological autumn was cool and unsettled with southerly tracking low pressure systems bringing a lot of rain to the South and East as the dominant feature of the season was the movement of the Jetstream to the south of Ireland during October and November. September was warm, sunny and wet with high pressure to the south and low pressure to the north in a mostly westerly airflow. There was a settled spell from start of the month to about the 20th September as high pressure moved slowly from west to east over the country. It became unsettled again towards the end of the month as Atlantic frontal depressions dominated again. October and November were cooler than normal everywhere with Ireland on the cooler northern side of the Jetstream for the most part. October was also wetter than normal in the South but drier than normal elsewhere. It was a sunny month everywhere. November was dull and very wet in the East as frequent frontal depressions stalled over the country. It stayed relatively dry in the Northwest, away from the active stalled frontal systems in the East.

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