Climate Statement for March 2019

Wet overall with above average temperatures for most

The dry and settled weather from the end of February broke at the beginning of March. The first two weeks of March were wet and often windy, dominated by Atlantic low pressure systems and associated weather fronts, giving heavy falls of rain and some snow in places. Storm Freya, a deepening area of low pressure, moved north-eastwards along the south coast of Ireland on the 3rd. This resulted in a spell of heavy rain for Munster and Leinster, which turned to snow in places. Storm Gareth, a deep Atlantic low pressure system moved close to the Northwest of Ireland on the 12th and 13th giving the windiest spell of the month. The weather stayed unsettled up to the 18th with further spells of heavy rain and showers, sometimes thundery. High Pressure to the south of Ireland became the dominant feature from the 19th and stayed close to or over Ireland up to the end on the month. This brought mostly dry conditions. It was mild at times with sunshine, but there were cloudy and cool periods also with weak weather fronts breaking through.

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