Climate Statement for July 2019

Warm overall , drier and sunnier in the South and East

The first week of July was mostly dry with high pressure sitting to the West of Ireland. There was a mixture of cloud and sunny spells with light winds mainly from the north or northwest. At the beginning of the second week a south-westerly airflow became estab-lished, which brought some weak bands of rain or showers across the country from time to time. High pressure developed again over the country between the 13th and 16th, giving some warm settled weather. The rest of the third week was unsettled in a westerly air-flow with some heavy falls of rain in places, especially on the 19th and 21st due to active frontal rain bands and summer thunder-storms. During the fourth week a hot plume of air originating from North Africa and Spain moved northwards over most of Western Europe giving record high temperatures in several countries. Ireland was between this hot continental air and a low pressure system off the West coast, which kept our weather mixed. It was warm with sunny spells at times, especially in the East of the country, and the nights were especially mild in a southerly airflow. The month finished changeable with a low-pressure system moving up across the UK on the 30th, giving some heavy thundery downpours and some flash flooding, in the Eastern half of Ireland.

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