Climate Statement for January 2019

Mild and dry mostly, cold finish.

The dry and settled weather from the end of December continued into January. Most of the first two weeks saw high pressure centred over Ireland in a slack airflow. Some weak weather fronts traversed the country from time to time giving patchy rain and drizzle but it stayed predominantly dry. It was dull and mostly cloudy with only short sunny intervals. It stayed relatively mild with very little frost due to the cloud cover. Towards the end of the second week and for much of the third week, the high pressure moved southwards away from Ireland and was replaced by a westerly airflow. Low pressure systems moved to the north of Ireland and their associated weather fronts traversed the country bringing bands of rain or showers, as the air masses alternated between tropical maritime and polar maritime. Rainfall amounts stayed relatively low. There were a few cold and frosty nights on the 20th and 21st and again to-wards the end of the month as a polar maritime air mass in a north-westerly airflow started dominating after the 26th. The month finished cold with wintry precipitation at times and snow lying in places, especially in the West and North.

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