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Irish Weather Extremes

Republic of Ireland weather records last updated July 2013.

Temperature Records

Highest air temperature: 33.3°C at Kilkenny Castle on 26th June 1887.
Highest air temperature recorded during the 20th Century was 32.5°C at Boora, Co. Offaly on 29th June 1976.
Lowest air temperature: -19.1°C at Markree Castle, Co. Sligo on 16th January 1881.
Lowest air temperature recorded 20th century air temperature was -18.8°C at Lullymore, Co. Kildare on 2nd January 1979.
Lowest grass minimum temperature:-19.6°C at Glasnevin, Dublin on 12th January 1982.


Maximum monthly air temperatures for selected stations: Download PDF
Minimum monthly air temperatures for selected stations: Download PDF

Rainfall Records

Highest annual total: 3964.9mm at Ballaghbeama Gap in 1960.
Highest monthly total: 790.0mm at Cummeragh Mtns in October 1996.
Highest daily total: 243.5mm at Cloone Lake, Co. Kerry on 18 September 1993.
Highest hourly total: 52.2mm at Clonroche, Co. Wexford on 27th June 1986.
Lowest annual total was in 1887 with 356.6mm of rain recorded at Glasnevin, Dublin.
Longest absolute drought was in Limerick from 3rd April to 10th May 1938.


Wind Records

Highest wind speed in a gust: 98kts at Malin Head, Co. Donegal on 16th September 1961.
Highest 10-minute mean wind speed: 71kts at Foynes, Co. Limerick on 18th January 1945.


Sunshine Records

Highest monthly sunshine duration: 308.2 hours at Valentia, Co. Kerry in July 1955.
Lowest monthly sunshine duration: 6.4 hours at Glencolmcille, Co. Donegal in January 1974.


Atmospheric Pressure records

Highest sea level pressure:1051.9hpa at Valentia, Co.Kerry on 28th January 1905.
Lowest mean sea level pressure: 931.2hpa at Limerick on 28th November 1838.


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