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Tuesday, 21 October 2014
10 Celsius
NW Strong 
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Tuesday, 21 October 2014 08:39

Extremely windy for a time, with strong to gale force and blustery west to northwest winds. The strongest winds will be over exposed parts of Ulster, north Leinster and north Connacht, where gusts of 85 to 100 km/h are likely this morning. Squally showers will occur too, some heavy and thundery for a time, but some sunny spells also. The winds will moderate this afternoon and evening and the showers will become more isolated. Cool, with top temperatures of 10 to 13 C.


Tonight will be mainly dry, with clear spells at first, but cloud will increase gradually from the Atlantic, with some rain and drizzle developing in northwest coastal regions. Winds will continue to ease, backing southwesterly later. Cold, lowest temperatures of 3 to 8 C.


Weather News

17 October 2014 - How many lines of code are in a weather model?

This is Europe Code Week ( so we would like to share some information about two of the major modelling systems used and developed by Met Éireann in collaboration with institutes and meteorological services throughout Europe.

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09 October 2014 - Met Éireann researchers in European collaboration to improve forecasts for the solar energy industry

Met Éireann is a member of the HARMONIE numerical weather prediction consortium which develops the high resolution HARMONIE model mainly used for short range weather forecasting. As well as using HARMONIE for operational weather forecasting purposes, researchers at Met Éireann are also involved in the development of the model. One area of development we work on is the improvement of the solar (shortwave) and terrestrial (longwave) radiation physics in HARMONIE.

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02 October 2014 - The Weather of September 2014

Dry everywhere; extremely dry conditions in parts. Everywhere warm; warmest in the South, Southwest and West. Valentia Observatory has the sunniest September in 40 years. Lowest monthly wind speeds on record in places

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